Tuesday, 23 February 2016

And what awaits us ...

23 February

We wuz conned! That ‘pocket watch’ arrived soon after I posted the blog; it isn’t a watch at all, it’s a key ring shaped like a watch. Both of us must have mis-read the item description to fall for that one!

We have a guy here fitting the new radiator in the kitchen. Once that’s done we are finished with it all – I hope. It’s been a long job, or at least it feels that way to me and I shall be really pleased when it’s all over and done with. At least he wasn’t he didn’t turn up at 7.30! Whatever, we were hoping to get out for an hour or two and right now we have a gorgeous sunny day out there – and we are stuck in here yet again. Not funny at all. Jan is out tonight for the house group see goes to and getting out once the current guy is done, and getting back in time for Jan to get ready for going out, will be too much of a rush for her.  

Has Daft Dave made the referendum his poll tax moment I wonder. He has pinned his future on selling the case to stay in Europe, if he doesn’t win that referendum, I can’t see him being able to remain in office. Personally, I would have preferred not to have gone in the first place, but that’s democracy for you, you have to live by the will of the majority. How much longer before there are calls for general election after that if there is a vote to leave? And then we all start again trying to decide who we wat as our Prime Muppet.     

The USA is going through all of that right now. Many would ask why we should be interested in the result seeing as we Brits don’t take part in it, a daft question in my view. I am not at all happy at thought of old Farter Trump being the President. His language right now is so racist and unhelpful I can see there being real upheaval over there if he does get into the oval office. My real concern is what he will do overseas, or try to that is.

And that my friends, is where we really do have a stake in the result. Right now we have four Royal Navy Trident armed nuclear submarines. Those subs are part of our treaty commitments to various organisations. Jittery Jezz is all for not replacing them when they do wear out, which seems to be happening now anyway. Nitwit Nick would have been happy about that one and followed his lead on it.

For years now I thought that there will never be a nuclear war, with the biggest fear coming from rouge Muslim terrorists getting hold of a device and setting it off somewhere. But if they did, who we, or even the Yanks come to that, fire one back in retaliation? And this is where my fears of Farter Trump as President come in; he’s the sort of man who would shoot first and then ask questions. I really do fear he will tip the whole world into a full scale nuclear conflict. Where would we be in such a war if we do not have the means to play our part in the treaty commitments made on our behalf?

Or am I worrying about nothing? I hope so, but I doubt I am.

Today’s photo …

I think this is HMS Astute that I snapped on cold dreary day in Barrow-in-Furness a few years ago.

Still no luck with funnies – sorry.    

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